French company ABSOGER is a world class supplier of on-site nitrogen generation to the horticulture, wine, industrial and petrochemical industries worldwide. Azote is the exclusive distributer of ABSOGER products to New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands.

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Carbotrade manufactures and markets innovative solutions for gas treatment and atmospheric management for a variety of industrial applications.

For nearly 25 years, and more than 1,200 nitrogen generators in operation - PSA or Membrane - the company has developed its expertise in the wine industry, as well as in industrial and petroleum applications.

It is above all a competent, responsive and responsible team, which over the years has gained undeniable experience in these different fields of application.

It is also machines made "made to measure" and "made in France" designed in full within our factory located in the South West of France.

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NOXERIOR provides a new generation of modular PSA nitrogen and oxygen generators, NITROSWING® and OXYSWING®, offering the highest standards in terms of efficiency, flexibility and reliability

The nitrogen generators and oxygen generators from NOXERIOR combine first-class quality with a competitive price and low cost-of-ownership.

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Titan N2 is a UK based manufacturer of Nitrogen Generator solutions. We specialise in the design, development, installation and servicing of analytical and process gas generators for the laboratory and industrial sectors. We offer off-the-shelf and custom made solutions for all volume requirements, and have systems installed and operating worldwide


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nano-purification solutions continue to bring innovative products to the global compressed air treatment market. Through recruitment of the most experienced and capable engineering professionals, nano-purification solutions have been able to develop a comprehensive and high-performance range of desiccant dryers and carbon absorbers. These are manufactured at its state of the art facility in Gateshead, UK where considerable investment in production, testing and research infrastructure provides customers with the very best. Each product is 100% performance tested ensuring that when it arrives at its destination, it works first time, every time.


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