Don’t buy nitrogen; make your own! Contact Azote today to find out how to become your own nitrogen provider and meet your needs with an Azote on-site generator.

Nitrogen is used within the Oil & Gas sector in many areas. Everything from blanketing of flammable or hygroscopic products through to pressure testing, purging of vessels and processes and pigging of pipe lines.

  • Sewerage plant (digester, pipe work, bio-gas vessels and compressors etc). Gas-freeing before going into maintenance, then air-freeing after maintenance before going back into service.
  • Natural Gas pipe line purging, pressure testing (generally with a tracer gas of helium or hydrogen).
  • Natural Gas plant shutdowns
  • Azote have a fleet of rental nitrogen generators available.

Azote can supply the Nitrogen Generator, Nitrogen Back-Up Facility and Pipe Work.


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