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Don’t buy nitrogen; make your own! Contact Azote today to find out how to become your own nitrogen provider and meet your needs with an on-site nitrogen generator.

Azote represents some of the best engineered and most energy efficient onsite nitrogen generators in the market today. We pride ourselves in supporting customers in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

We offer both standard and tailor-made on-site nitrogen generators and solutions to many industries including wine, industrial, laser cutting, oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and for the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) of food products.

By working closely with end users and the factory, Azote can offer a large range of different capacities, purities and pressures to enable customers to reduce nitrogen costs, improve productivity and reduce carbon footprint. a standard or tailor-made Azote on-site nitrogen generator and you’ll be in fine company with some of the  most prestigious names in the wine industry, including Moët and Chandon (France), Chateau Cheval Blanc (France), Le Grands Chais de France (France); industrial customers including Chevron, Technip, OMV, Qatar Petroleum, Total, Perenco, just to name a few.

The world’s largest wine business, Constellation Brands, and owner of some of New Zealand’s leading wine brands including Selak, Nobilo, Kim Crawford, Monkey Bay, Drylands and The People’s Wine, have been using an ABSOGER on-site nitrogen generator in New Zealand for many years.


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