About Us

Azote is your one stop shop for on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators as well as industrial gases solutions and assistance.


Azote work with a select few specialised nitrogen generator manufacturers including ABSOGER of France and Italy’s NOXERIOR. ABSOGER and NOXERIOR both design and manufacture a standard range of on-site nitrogen generators as well as tailor-made solutions to perfectly suit a customer’s specific application.

Each manufacturer has their own area of specialty when it comes to generator design and build.

Azote has been in the industrial gases and compressed air industries for over 20 years. During this time, we have specialised in gases applications and on-site gas generation for two international tier one industrial gas companies and been in air compressor sales for an international tier one compressor company. Areas of experience cover compressed air and gases, cryogenics, on-site generation of nitrogen through PSA, Membrane and Cryogenic technologies, on-site generation of oxygen through PSA, VPSA, VSA and Cryogenic technologies, gases pipeline design and gas manifolds.

If you have any questions about industrial gases, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 429 683.


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